Q) Do they only come in one size?
A) Yes, at present seven gallons is the only size. Seven gallons is the smallest pot that will take virtually any plant to full maturity.
Q) Do they have to be close together?
A) No! Any configuration will work - as far apart as you want, evenly spaced, or in groups.
Q) How many can I attach to one hose?
A) 25 Sprinkler Pots maximum can be attached.  A hose splitter can add 25 more, but the sets of 25 will not operate at the same time.
Q) Do they come in other colors?
A) No, but our Sprinkler Pots can be painted as long as the paint is a special paint designed for plastics.  We use a plastic-compatible spray paint that requires two cans for three pots.
Q) What is Macro-Drip ?
A) Macro-Drip is the patent-pending process of bringing 1/2'' minimum hose directly into the flower pot. Macro-Drip is low pressure (25 PSI), but high volume (10 GPM). This eliminates clogging and the hassle of babysitting traditional micro-drip systems.
Q) Can I hook my Sprinkler Pots up to my existing sprinkler system?
A) Yes, but you must use a pressure reducer.  The PSI should be 25. The Daisy Rain Macro-Drip Hose comes with a pressure reducer pre-attached.
Q) Do they work with any automatic timers?
A) Yes! We sell a simple-but-high-quality timer from Agrifim, but if you already own a timer it will work.
Q) How do I calculate the correct PSI/gallons-per-minute in order to account for distance/line loss/vertical hydraulics?
A) You don't have to worry about any of that! If you have a garden hose and the pressure reducer that comes with either the three-pot kit or the Macro-Drip ™ hose then you are good to go.
Q) Have you thought about going on Shark Tank? You should go on Shark Tank.
A) We watch Shark Tank and enjoy it a lot, but we have no desire to appear on the show.