A system you can depend on.

Every pot gets its own sprinkler.

Any Pot, Any Place

The possibilities are endless

Consistent Results

Watering has never been easier.

Connect a hose and your garden grows - anywhere.

Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots are the only flower pots with an integrated sprinkler.  Daisy Rain Sprinkler Saucers allow you to turn your favorite pots into Sprinkler Pots. Use them to add flowers or vegetables to any deck, patio, driveway, or business.  There's no reservoir, and assembly is a piece of cake.

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Get all the conveniences of drip irrigation with no tools required.  Just attach to any standard garden hose for quick and instant watering. With an automatic timer, your plants will get water all season long.

Travel With Daisy Rain


Our system is strong, durable, and doesn't need the constant maintenance of traditional drip systems. Our Sprinkler Pots and Sprinkler Saucers come with a five-year warranty.

Every Pot Gets Watered


Up to 25 Sprinkler Pots or Sprinkler Saucers can be daisy-chained together, allowing all your plants to share the same water source.

Expanding Is A Breeze

Macro-Drip™ Irrigation

What Makes Us Different

Daisy Rain has invented the first and only fully-integrated flower pot/sprinkler, all in one.  The easy-to-use hand-tightened fittings let you daisy-chain as many as 25 pots or saucers in a row while the low-pressure, high-volume Macro-Drip™ hose brings you 1/2'' pipe all the way to the sprinkler head.

Watch How Installation Works


Nice product and will keep our flowers nicely watered when we go on vacation.   We are looking forward to having the best looking flower pots we’ve had on our deck, all summer long.

Mark C.

The design of the Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots is brilliant. It is easy to set up and to run. I especially like the flexibility of the system.

Teresa Odle, gardeningproductsreview.com


Easy To Customize

Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots and Saucers can be installed in any configuration you can imagine.
They also support sub-soil soaking for roses, shrubs, or anything you want planted in the center of the pot.