Introducing the Sprinkler Saucer!

We get a lot of compliments about our Sprinkler Pots. However, a common question we get at trade shows is "Can your system work with my own pots I already have?" Up until now, the answer to that question has been "No."

We have just gotten the mold ready for the patent-pending Sprinkler Saucer, which will allow any flowerpot with a hole in the center to be used with our Macro-Drip irrigation. The saucers are compatible with regular Sprinkler Pots; any combination of Sprinkler Pots and Sprinkler Saucers can be connected together to the same water source.

Our Sprinkler Saucers aren't quite in the store yet, but they are on their way! We look forward to expanding the horizons of what Macro-Drip irrigation can do.

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