Hidden Water Hoses

The Daisy Rain Starter Kit is a great way to start a deck garden with no experience or tools required.  But if you’re just a little bit handy you can work wonders with very inexpensive parts available at most hardware stores.

Let’s look at an easy way to hide the water line on a deck.  First, arrange the pots along the edge - you can connect as many as twenty-five.

This technique requires no drilling or cutting any parts of your deck.

You will need some ½” blank drip hose (no holes), some barbed tees and ells, and some end caps.  Simply turn your Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots so that the hose channel is perpendicular to the edge with your capped end facing you.  Tie your pots together with ells, tees and drip hose then run the line around the rim of your deck.  Electrician’s staples work great to attach the ½” hose.  Here is an example using two different kinds of fittings.

When it comes to capping the other ends you can purchase end caps as in the first picture, or simply kink the hose and use figure 8 hose ends (crimp bands) available at most hardware stores.

Either way, you’ll end up with an automatic watering system that remains out of your way and out of sight.



  • Gina Andersen

    do you leave the water on at the hydrant or turn on just when you need to water making this system a plus because it waters all your plants at once and with the reservoir you do not water as often.

  • Betty

    I made a system to divert the pot-drain water by drilling a small hole in the bottom edge of a plastic drip tray, the right size hole to insert a drip irrigation coupler, with a neoprene gasket, and a 1/4” hose that carried the overflow water away.

  • Bindy

    I love your flower pot idea! But Where does the run off extra water go? My husband dosnt want any water on the deck 🤔
    Makes it so hard for me to have flowers pots 😕

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